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Our Mission

Focusing on our future

Zucker Hebrew Academy’s warm and caring team of expert faculty is devoted to facilitating the success of every individual. We create a positive culture that results in students who become independent and confident learners, active community leaders, and Jewish role models.

The mission of Zucker Hebrew Academy is...
To empower our Students to lead lives of
integrity, connection, and growth
in the path of our Jewish Heritage.




to Hashemto Oneselfto Othersto Communityto the Jewish Peopleto Israel


in Torahin Academicsin Middotin Problem Solvingin Communicationin Leadership

A joint force of love

At Zucker Hebrew Academy we realize that parents are the key to success in our efforts. That’s why we actively involve our parents during school hours and beyond in aspects of learning and extracurricular activities. We also encourage and teach strong family ties as well as parental honor and respect according to Torah values.

Transmitting our passion