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The first step to unlocking
your child’s potential

We are delighted that you are considering Zucker Hebrew Academy to partner
in your child’s education. Admission involves a 3-step process.

01. Guided School Tour

Visit our grounds and meet with our staff
to get a feel for the Zucker experience.

02. Application Form Submission

Fill in and submit all relevant details so we can determine that we are a good fit for your child.

03. Student Interview

Attend an in-person interview where you and your child can ask questions about our school.

New development in the Florida voucher program

The recent expansion to Florida’s voucher program qualifies any Florida household with a student in elementary, middle school or high school regardless of income and enrollment limits. The program subsidizes your day school tuition costs by the amount public schools would have received.

Frequently asked questions

If you are Jewish with ties to the Land of Israel and traditional Jewish values, you likely want a school that imparts these priorities. While instilling your child with knowledge and pride about his or her roots, it will foster a healthy outlook on life, connection to the community and foundations rooted in Torah and Judaism.
Zucker Academy has earned a strong reputation as a leader in academics – exceeding public school standards and state requirements. Our school incorporates state-of-the-art resources, exceptionally qualified teachers, innovative curriculum, and a real agenda to uncover every child’s potential for independence and future accomplishments.
We encourage education and are proud of students who push themselves to reach beyond their current comfort zone, whether in academics, self-growth, or community-oriented outreach. We train our students in cognition, leadership, and philosophy, and provide them with a strong foundation to excel in high school and college, with a long-term goal of advanced degrees and professions.

These parents said it best…


We know how to resolve your old emotional crisis.


Every child shines at Zucker Hebrew Academy.


Every child shines at
Zucker Hebrew Academy.


Every child shines at
Zucker Hebrew Academy